How will traffic management be handled?

    The limited work space in the project area will only allow for one direction of traffic at a time.  To limit disruption, the following measures are directed to the Contractor: 

    • A detour route will be signed for the duration of construction.
    • Work Hours will be modified to avoid “rush hour.”
    • One lane of traffic will remain open at all times, following the end of the work day.
    • Portable traffic signals will be used to control one-way traffic.

    Will I have driveway and road access?

    Vehicle access to roadways and driveways will be maintained as much as possible, however limited access will occur when work is being conducted in the immediate area. The contractor will notify you directly if driveway access will be obstructed for an extended period. 

    Will the proposed guiderail and retaining wall limit resident access to the shoreline?

    The proposed retaining wall and guiderail will establish a safe roadway barrier and will reinforce the road structure.  The proposed guiderail is not expected to disrupt existing access points.

    What about private improvements on Town land?

    Some residents may have installed fences, irrigation systems, landscaping or other physical features in front of their home that are within the Town property limits. These items may conflict with construction activities.  Prior to construction, a visual inspection will be conducted to determine potential conflicts.  In such cases, residents will be advised to remove these items prior to the beginning of construction to avoid damage. The Town is not responsible to re-instate, repair, or replace any physical features installed within Town property.

    What are the construction work hours?

    Construction Work Hours will be modified for this project to 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, in order to limit disruption during “rush hour” times.  Work may also occur on Saturdays, in conformance with the Town’s noise by-law that permits work between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Work may be permitted after hours or on Sundays/holidays only on an emergency basis. 

    How will this affect garbage, yard waste, recycling, and compost collection?

    Garbage, recycling, yard waste, and composting collection schedules will not change during the construction period.  Please follow your normal routine and place materials as close to the usual location as possible, by 7:00 a.m.  

    If necessary, the contractor will move the waste materials to an appropriate location for pick-up by the waste contractor. 

    Please label all of your bins with your street address to ensure return. 

    How will this affect my driveway?

    Asphalt driveways impacted by road construction will be repaired or replaced to the extent required to restore the driveway to existing condition. Replacement of existing driveways within private property and outside of the construction limits is the responsibility of the property owner. The Town is not a party to any private agreement entered into by a property owner for the replacement of asphalt driveways and does not endorse such agreements with Town contractors or subcontractors. Property owners may seek the services of any qualified, guaranteed, and reputable contractor to complete driveway asphalt paving, once construction is complete.